„After their deaths in the 1940s

Far away from everything, Fundu is an elegant but laid back beach hangout, with deep sand pathways connecting tents, pool, restaurants and high ceilinged, makuti thatched buildings, all with open fronts looking out onto the ocean. A jetty bar is the place for happy hour cocktails around sunset. Monkeys play and groom on the beach, […]

Know how important sacrifice is, he said

„This is one of our strongest classes of Hall of Famers,” said Steve Hatchell, the president and CEO of the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame. „Mac had tremendous support and received a strong vote from the Honors Court. We’re very proud to have someone like Bill McCartney make it into the […]

For eons, coyotes roamed what is now the western United

Better the child suffers than the teacher thinks. Better the entire educational system reformulates itself around the new dogma (and to hell with the possibility that the experiment might go wrong) than the ideologues governing its structure question their absurd and fundamentally resentful presumptions. Parents have since moved their child to another school where the […]